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A huge thank you Michelle for working with me to achieve this goal! There really are no words to show my gratitude.

You believed in me from the first day which gave me huge confidence in my ability. Knowing your experience in the sport, technical approach (based on the training data) and simple (easy to follow sessions) made it easy to trust your coaching and simply follow the plan. Seeing the results along the way was motivating in itself. Your expert views on any stupid question I have had has been a great help and guidance when doubts crept in helped me stay on track. I am really looking forward to working together on the road to Kona and conquering the Big Island!

Glen Sparidaans, Perth W.A, Australia

I've never felt so well prepared, strong and confident going into a race before

"If you want someone in your corner who really understands what you trying to achieve, Mim is your coach. The support which allows you to start believing in yourself has been awesome."

One year later..

"One year on and I have loved the support I get from Mim. Her holistic approach has helped me understand not only how to train better but how to think better. We can discuss anything and her insights have helped me gain confidence and strength."


Nicole Foxcroft, Australia

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As a middle aged father, husband and small business owner, the amount of time I have available to train for my passion ( Ironman ) is limited.

Thus the decision to take on a coach was crucial as I need to make every session count and cannot afford to waste time either racking up junk miles or “spinning my wheels” without direction and purpose. Having competed in Ironman Triathlon on and off for over 20 years, I have had a few coaches along the way and tried various online “programs” with moderate success but with a lot of frustration and injuries. I would yo-yo between doing too little and then over compensating and doing too much with little awareness of where I was actually heading and how to best get there. I wasted a lot of time and money making mistakes and needing to constantly adjust my goals.

From the first week Mim has taken into account my work schedule, my family commitments and my strengths and weaknesses and has tailored a program to suit. The attention to detail and the individual nature of my program is what sets Team 360 Performance apart from the “one size fits all” approach. I have sessions set specifically for me - my body type, my power output, my fatigue levels, my weaknesses and even my geography ! I know why I am doing each session ( something I find valuable ) and how best to approach it. She analyses and uses the data I collect during sessions and manages my work load based on proper metrics. Mim is always at the end of the line if I need to change a session for whatever reason and the contact with her is easy and productive but professional. I couldn’t recommend Mim highly enough for any athlete wanting personalised performance coaching. She excelled as an athlete and brings a wealth of experience and passion to any athlete she coaches.

Martin Dolinschek, Perth W.A, Australia