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Cost per week (paid monthly)$75$62.50$37.50
Monthly ProgramYesYesYes
Contact methods & response rateFB Messenger, Email &
Training Peaks - 24 hr Response Rate
Email & Training Peaks - Weekly response rateEmail & Training Peaks - Fortnightly response rate
Catch up with the coach (phone or Skype)Monthly (30min)NoNo
Program modificationsUnlimited (24hr turn around)Up to 1 per week (one weeks notice required)No modifications
Program review and data analysisWeeklyFortnightlyMonthly
Initial consultation (online form)YesYesYes
Initial planning meeting - face to face or phoneYesYesNo
Access to online Member Portal
(articles, podcasts, video clips, recommended readings)
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Team 360 Performance
Training Camp Discount
Who is this service for?An experienced triathlete who is looking to really fine tune their training. Unlimited program modifications (made within 24 hrs) to accommodate unforeseen changes to your work / family schedule. Weekly data / metrics review ensures your program week to week is updated by considering fatigue, fitness, and life stress - keeping your prep on point at all times. Ultimately, this athlete values coach contact and feedback, and will thrive off a monthly one-on-one chat with the coach. An experienced triathlete who is confident they can independently apply their program in between the fortnightly data / metrics review by the coach. They want the piece of mind knowing that their program is custom designed for their schedule and goals, and that their progress will be monitored and modified fortnightly to keep them on the right track. An experienced triathlete who is looking to get a customised program that suits their schedule and goals. This athlete can independently follow their program in between monthly data / metrics reviews from the coach. Most likely to be an athlete in their 'off season' aiming to maintain structure and fitness.                                                      
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