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Identifying the ‘root cause’ of injury – part II

May 11, 2019

In the last blog post, I delved into the subject of injury in triathletes and had some really positive feedback. Thanks to everyone for their comments, and if you haven’t read my last post I’d highly recommend going back to that one (click here) before proceeding with this one as it provides some insight into…

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Identifying the ‘root cause’ of your injury…don’t blame the shoes!

April 25, 2019

Common Causes of Injuries in Triathletes I once heard Dr Paula Charlton (clinical Doctor of Physiotherapy at the Australian Institute of Sport) say that ‘once an athlete has sustained an injury, they will NEVER be the same again’. Scary thought huh? Now you’re probably thinking that everything heals with time, and you’re absolutely right. If…

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Rocks Vs Sand

April 14, 2019

There’s an age-old story that I vaguely recall first hearing about from a high school teacher many moons ago which seems to come to the front of my mind more and more frequently since I began coaching triathletes. The story goes like this…   ‘A teacher gave every student in the class a bucket and…

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Overcoming ‘unlucky’ bouts of sickness this winter

April 2, 2019

Last year I had the privilege of spending 10 days on campus at the Australian Institute of Sport watching and learning from some of Australia’s experts in sports science and coaching. One of the guest speakers in attendance was Jamie Turner, who has an impressive resume of athlete results to his name – including Gwen…

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Kona – A First Time Coaches Perspective

October 29, 2018

While this year was not my first time to the Big Island of Hawaii for the Ironman World Championships, it was my first time there as a coach. Although it may have been 5 years since I was last there, and although not much has changed there (aside from the relocation of Lava Java and…

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Kona Podium Vs Kona Medical Tent

September 11, 2018

The Island God’s of Hawaii are said to be great influencers on the Islands great race – that there is some sort of ‘juju’ that influences the race. I have heard people say that in order to do well on the Big Island, you first need to ‘pay your dues’ to the Island Gods. From…

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