Additonal Services

Team 360 Performance offers a number of services in addition to any of the coaching packages. 




This is your opportunity to have the face to face, undivided attention of our Head Coach. You will receive a coached session that is custom designed for you and your performance needs. During the session you will get instant feedback and technique observations.

This is the best way to get the most out of yourself for key training session. 

Note - these sessions are currently only on offer in Perth, WA.




$275/PP (MIN 4)


Do you know how much fluid your losing in a race, but more importantly, what the sodium content of your sweat is? With our sweat testing service, we organise a climate controlled room (set to your predicted race conditions), and work with Shotz Nutrition to conduct scientific testing of the sodium content of your sweat. 

With these test results you can apply your customised nutrition plan to execute your performance potential. 

Note - this is currently only on offer in Perth, WA. A minimum of 4 athletes required for testing. 






Training the body day in day out is an effective way to prepare yourself for a race, but what are you doing to prepare your mind for your ultimate performance on race day? Performance racing is like running a business, to run a successful business you need to dedicate time to work on the business, not just in the business. A one on one mentoring session is your opportunity to work on you as an athlete. Our Head Coach is an experience professional mentor, and can help you focus your mental game to best compliment your physical work that will help you to culminate in your performance potential. 

These sessions are available face to face in Perth, WA or through Skype.