Welcome to the Team 360 Performance Triathlon Coaching online office space!

T360P Triathlon Coaching exists to work with performance driven long course athletes - and by 'performance' we're not talking about your results, but rather your mindset. Online Triathlon Coaching isn't for everyone, and as such we are very selective about who we welcome to the Team.

T360P coaches work with a small group of carefully selected athletes who are all driven to be the best they can be. They're intrinsically motivated, they work damn hard, and they love this sport and the lifestyle it brings.

We take a holistic approach to help our athletes reach their performance potential, and have a collaborative approach to ensuring the athlete receives the best advice and support they need to achieve their goals.

If this environment sounds like a place you'd excel in, then please have a look around, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you.

our approach

Although we work with athletes, first and foremost, we work with human beings. Each human has a different story, they have tread their own unique path which has lead them to us. Our athletes have reached a point in their personal journey where they have decided they want to reach their performance potential. No more generic plans, no more group programs, no more 'making it fit and hope for the best', no more self doubt on the start line. The decision to achieve your performance potential doesn't come lightly, and as such, we take we take huge responsibility in developing and providing a variety of quality coaching services to help you get there.


Download your Race Selection Checklist HERE

Are you ready to have your best Ironman or 70.3 performance, but not sure where to begin with your planning? Have you completed one (or more) Ironman or 70.3 events in the past, but feel you haven’t executed your best race yet? Here, Team 360 Performance have with come up with a quick guide that can help you wade through the 100s of race options out there to narrow things down and choose a race that has the best chance of optimising your racing performance.

Triathlon Coaching